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Costa Rica-La Amistad is a specialty coffee bean that offers a unique flavor and aroma. Produced in the La Amistad region of Costa Rica, this coffee is characterized by a strong yet balanced flavor, a sweet aroma, and a smooth finish. It is perfect for coffee drinkers who want to experience the unique taste of a single-origin coffee from the La Amistad region. Enjoy a cup of this high-quality fresh roasted coffee and experience the unique flavor of Costa Rica-La Amistad.

To ensure the highest quality, our coffee beans undergo a meticulous roasting process. Our expert roasters carefully monitor the beans, allowing them to develop their unique flavors while maintaining their natural characteristics. The result is a medium roast that perfectly enhances the Costa Rica La Amistad Coffee Beans' inherent sweetness and acidity, delivering a truly refined and memorable coffee experience.

Whether you enjoy it as a morning ritual or as an afternoon delight, our Costa Rica La Amistad Coffee Beans will awaken your taste buds and leave you craving another cup. With each sip, you'll appreciate the dedication and passion that goes into crafting this exceptional coffee.

Costa Rica-La Amistad

PriceFrom $5.00
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