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Offering Premium Roasted Coffee Since 2021

-   ABOUT US  -

Image by Milo Miloezger

Shore Roasted Coffee was founded in 2021 after years of traveling throughout the northeast of the U.S., as well as throughout New Jersey for a previous career. I first started drinking coffee back in my late teens along the shores of Jersey. Growing up along the shore, coffee was everywhere. From your local corner store, to the coffee chain and bagel places, to the hole in the wall mom and pop shops, supermarkets, and all over the Jersey Shore Boardwalk. Some of it was way more delicious than others.  Having my fare share of blue collar jobs growing up as well as a blue collar career,  one thing always remained the same,  no matter where I worked, every morning was the same question, "Where are we getting coffee?"  Day in and day out you find all sorts of places to get coffee.  I drank so much coffee throughout the course of my life, that I started to get picky as to where I went from my morning java.  Eventually, I was fortunate enough to have position where I was able to go to whatever local coffee roaster was around town to get my caffeine fix for the day.  Once I started drinking freshly roasted coffee, all the store's brands  just didn't have the same taste compared to all the roasters I visited.  After years of searching for the perfect cup compounded with not being happy in my work life, Shore Roasted Coffee was born.  


Currently, SRC is an online only based roastery.  We are a small batch roastery. Each order is freshly roasted before shipped.  All orders are shipped within two business days.  Orders placed on Friday's may not get shipped until Monday. Due to supply chain shortages, some bags may appear different than what's pictured on the website, but our staff here at SRC takes great pride to what's inside the bag that arrives to your home.  We offer a variety of of high quality coffee from various regions around the world.  All coffee is roasted to stated roast level, however, we can roast any coffee  lighter or darker depending on your preference. There will be a $5.00 surcharge on all coffee roasted to special requests.  We also offer customized wedding and party packages as party favors. Any of the 5 bag sizes are available.  Common bag size for party favor, is 2oz or 4oz bags. Custom printed labels as well.   We also sell green un-roasted coffee beans at a discounted rate from the website. If you are interested in any special requests listed above or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us.  

SRC also offers bulk pricing for cafe's and restaurants.  Contact us at

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